An annual membership to a community group of like-minded women.

Monthly meetings that provide support and health education with local experts.

What past women are saying

The Approach

Women’s Health

Various Topics

Monthly Goals

Accelerate to the Next Level


Online Continued Support

Obtain Wisdom

Share, Listen, Learn

The Curriculum

Learn about your body. Empower through health education. Discover the awesome power of the female body.

My Hormones

  • Women's Sex Hormones
  • How to be tested properly
  • Menstrual Cycle is your superpower

My Thyroid

  • Physiology
  • How to be tested properly
  • Speak your truth

My Brain & Mood

  • Physiology
  • Master your mindset

My Detoxification

  • Physiology and Science
  • What do you need to detox from your life?

My Stress & Sleep

  • Physiology
  • How to be tested properly
  • Resiliency through challenges

My Digestion

  • Physiology
  • How to be tested properly
  • Elevate and feel energized

My Digestion

  • Physiology
  • Trust your gut

My Breasts & Vagina

  • Physiology
  • How to be tested properly
  • Connecting to feminine power

My Divine Feminine

  • Put all the pieces together
  • Physiology + Intuition
  • Affirm your knowledge of feminine power

My Vision

  • investigating your mission and purpose
  • strategies to get reconnected with your dreams and desires

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The Team

Dr. Rahima Hirji (ND)

I have been practicing Naturopathic Medicine for almost 20 years. I am the founder of Sage Naturopathic Clinic and co-founder of The Tummy Clinic. By supporting women of all ages, through all life stages, my goal is to help women live their lives with self- compassion and insight. Through education and community, I help women feel their best again, with a renowned sense of wellness and vitality.

Dr. Deanna Walker (ND)

Practicing as a Naturopathic Doctor has led me to become passionate about educating and empowering women to improve their quality of life. Over the years, I have shifted my focus to working with women to optimize their sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone), thyroid and adrenal hormones (cortisol). Through community I believe we are given the opportunity to reach a higher level of education, understanding and connection that is necessary to reach our full potential.

Dr. Danielle DeBlock (ND)

My passion for Naturopathic Medicine is rooted in my passion for sustainable living and holistic wellbeing. I believe that every woman is unique and shaped differently by their own lived experiences, and, as such, I believe each woman’s journey to health and wellness requires unique consideration and exploration. I am motivated by connection to people and nature and The Wild Collective allows me to connect and provide connection to others.

Dr. Jenna Priestap (ND)

I am extremely passionate about women’s health and I have a special interest in maternal health. I thrive on helping women regain confidence, energy, and self-love after pregnancy (even years after). I believe that every woman should have a health expert and a tribe of supporters to confidently turn to with any issue and receive unlimited support. Being a woman and/or mother is HARD but when we come together, extraordinary things can happen.

Sisterhood + self-care-Discover your superpowers-Cultivate a health conscious community.

Be A Rebel, It’s Good For Your Health

To live the natural life, one in which the creature has innate integrity and healthy boundaries.
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An opportunity to reconnect with who you are and what you were meant to be.

Where We Meet

Sage Naturopathic Clinic

Community meetings run monthly at Sage Naturopathic Clinic. If COVID restrictions make this no longer possible, meetings will move to a virtual format. Meetings dates are confirmed at the Masterclass sessions and an email with the calendar dates is sent upon sign-up.

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